Many firms are facing a dilemma. The partners bringing in the vast majority of business are getting older and considering retirement. Firms are looking to the younger generations to learn the skills necessary to get clients and keep the firm going. The learning curve can be steep and the timeframe for desired results is often short.

Other firms, perhaps spun off a larger firm, have partners with some idea of how to build business but they need help to create and implement a business development program that will keep business coming in the door while they focus their efforts on client work.

If either of these scenarios sounds like your firm, look no further. Rainmaker Strategies excels at training and coaching professionals to bring business in the door.

Individual Coaching.

Working one-on-one with an expert business development coach, your professionals will:

  • Create a marketing plan that focuses on his/her target market and niche specialty.
  • Execute their plan, maximizing opportunities and working through obstacles.
  • Make the transition from business development neophyte to business development maven.

Group Coaching.

Rainmaker Strategies provides group coaching in a variety of formats. Practice or industry group coaching provides coaching to the members of the group as they execute marketing that complements and implements the group’s strategic plan. Individual business development activities are often coordinated with team marketing, allowing the group to use their competitive advantages to bring in a wish list client or expand business with a current client.

Our Business Development Forum combines group coaching, skills training, and individual accountability to assist lawyers in developing great marketing habits and ultimately building a book of business. If you desire to create a marketing mindset within your organization, this just may be the program for you.

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