Rainmaking for Solos

Are you a:

  • Lawyer, accountant, financial planner, insurance broker or other professional who feels anonymous in the market place?
  • Do you want more clients, but don’t know the best, most effective and efficient ways to develop business?
  • Or, perhaps you know in theory what you need to do, but still don’t have the book of business you desire.

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place!

Rainmaker Strategies specializes in helping professional service providers and professional service firms attract clients and grow their businesses while keeping balanced in all areas of their lives.

We’ll help you develop your personal authentic marketing style and create a system that keeps your pipeline full, and we’ll teach you the best non-pushy methods to turn prospects into clients.

By identifying your niche and target market, establishing long-term strategies, and implementing weekly action items, you can have the practice of your dreams. All you need is determination and a knowledgeable coach – someone to guide and support you, as well as provide the structure necessary to help you succeed.


Peak Performance

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